Philanthropic Programs

  • Operation School Bell   Assistance League of Newport-Mesa adopted this National Assistance League program in 1982. Since then, we've provided thousands of students with these back to school essentials: school uniforms, underwear, socks, shoes, jackets, backpacks, books and school supplies.
  • Community Outreach Program   In 1997, this program was founded to collaborate with other local community agencies sharing common goals. Support offered through this program is varied and includes financial aid for day-care expenses to low-income working families, scholarships for special needs students and college scholarships to local high school students..
  • Cheri Harris Dental Center   Since 1957, our dental center has served thousands of children in the Newport-Mesa community with a full range of dental and orthodontic services. Children in need of these services are referred to the center by school administrators. Once admitted into the program, all the children in the family are served by the dental center and the parents are provided with an instructional class in dental hygiene. The physical and emotional impacts resulting from this quality care is immeasurable. The Cheri Harris Dental Center is our largest philanthropic program.
  • Kids on the Block  Developed by a nationally recognized educator as a direct response to "the mainstream law,” the Kids on the Block is a program of National Assistance League adopted by Assistance League of Newport-Mesa in 1986. Staffed by volunteer puppeteers, the program utilizes life-sized puppets to perform skits on "difficult to discuss" topics such as child abuse, bullying, divorce, physical and learning disabilities. Children relate to and learn from these puppets that dress and behave like real children. Performances are provided to local schools and children's hospitals upon request.